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Class Members



saCommandHandles *NativeHandles();

Returns a set of command related handles of native DBMS client API. 

Return value

A pointer to a base class saCommandHandles from which a family of DBMS implementation-specific classes are derived.


You have to use native API handles when you want to call DBMS specific API functions which are not directly supported by the Library. API functions usually need to receive one or more active handles as a parameter(s). NativeHandles method returns a pointer to the set of native API command related handles. To use API handles directly you have to downcast saCommandHandles pointer to the appropriate type and use its implementation-specific members. If you need to use connection related handles see SAConnection::NativeHandles method.

See Server Specific Guide section to know what type cast you have to make and what additional header file you have to include to work with specific DBMS client API. Note that for some DBMS using appropriate type casting depends on an API version (that generally mean that you have to explicitly check client version before casting, see SAConnection::ClientVersion method).

To get more information about DBMS API functions and handles see this DBMS specific documentation. 

Please be aware of the complications associated with making direct API calls, as the internal logic of the SQLAPI++ Library is not used. Besides, making direct API calls reduces an application's portability.

See also

SAConnection::ClientVersion, SAConnection::NativeAPI, SACommand::NativeHandles

Problems and Questions

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