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Enums and Typedefs

Class Members


SAConnection object

A SAConnection object represents an unique session with a data source.

With the methods of a SAConnection object you can do the following:

  • Set DBMS client by using setClient method.

  • Check whether the cursor is connected using isConnected method.

  • Connect to data source with the Connect method.

  • Manage transactions on the open connection by Commit and Rollback methods.

  • Break the physical connection to the data source with the  Disconnect method.

To set DBMS client use setClient method or specify a client directly in Connect method. To get currently set client use Client method. To get information about Client and Server use ClientVersion, ServerVersion and ServerVersionString methods.

There are two methods to managing transactions on the open connection. Commit method saves any changes and ends the current transaction. Rollback method cancels any changes made during the current transaction and ends the transaction.

To disconnect cursor and break the physical connection to the data source use Disconnect method.

Problems and Questions

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