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Enums and Typedefs




Construction / Destruction

SAString Constructs a SAString object
~SAString Destructs a SAString object


Empty Forces a string to have 0 length.
IsEmpty Tests whether a SAString object contains no characters.
GetLength Returns the number of characters in a SAString object.
operator const SAChar* Directly accesses characters stored in a SAString object as a C-style string.
operator= Assigns a new value to a SAString object.
operator+= Concatenates a new string to the end of an existing string.
operator+ Concatenates two strings and returns a new string.

Format Format the string as sprintf does.
FormatV Formats the string as vsprintf does.

Left Extracts the left part of a string.
Mid Extracts the middle part of a string.
Right Extracts the right part of a string.

TrimRight Trim trailing whitespace characters from the string.
TrimLeft Trim leading whitespace characters from the string.

Replace Replaces indicated characters with other characters.
Insert Inserts a single character or a substring at the given index within the string.
Delete Deletes a character or characters from a string.

Compare Compares two strings (case sensitive).
CompareNoCase Compares two strings (case insensitive).
Collate Compares two strings (case sensitive, uses locale-specific information).

Find Finds a character or substring inside a larger string.
ReverseFind Finds a character inside a larger string; starts from the end.     
FindOneOf Finds the first matching character from a set.

GetBuffer Returns a pointer to the characters in the SAString .
ReleaseBuffer Releases control of the buffer returned by GetBuffer
LockBuffer Disables reference counting and protects the string in the buffer.
UnlockBuffer Enables reference counting and releases the string in the buffer.

GetBinaryLength Returns a count of the bytes in the binary data buffer
operator const void * Returns pointer to const binary data buffer
GetBinaryBuffer Gets pointer to modifiable binary data buffer
ReleaseBinaryBuffer Releases control of the buffer returned by GetBinaryBuffer

GetMultiByteChars  Returns pointer to const multibyte string, converts if needed
GetMultiByteCharsLength Get multibyte string length
GetWideChars Returns pointer to const Unicode string, converts if needed
GetWideCharsLength Get string length (in Unicode characters)

GetUTF8Chars Returns pointer to const UTF8 string
GetUTF8CharsLength Gets UTF-8 string length (in multibyte characters)
SetUTF8Chars Assigns UTF-8 data
GetUTF16Chars Returns pointer to const UTF16 string
GetUTF16CharsLenght Gets string length (in UTF16 characters)
SetUTF16Chars Assigns UTF-16 data