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Server Specific Guide

SQL Server

SQLAPI++ allows to work with a number of SQL database servers. It provides common mechanisms to access database, and as a general rule they work for any database server. But each server has some specific features which a developer has to know in order to leverage server's unique features and avoid potential errors.

Working with SQL Server using SQLAPI++ Library depends on choosing an API. SQLAPI++ Library supports the following interfaces to access SQL Server :

Starting from version 4.0.3 SQLAPI++ Library uses ODBC as default API when working with SQL Server. If for some reason you want to use OLE DB or DB-Library, you should set "UseAPI" connection option before specifying SQL Server client or connecting to database:

SAConnection con;
con.setOption( "UseAPI" ) = "DB-Library";
con.setClient( SA_SQLServer_Client );

For more connection details see SQL Server (OLE DB), SQL Server (ODBC) and SQL Server (DB-Library) specific information.

It's preferably to use ODBC because Microsoft says about  the migration to ODBC API as default for any new SQLServer versions.

Full information about using SQLAPI++ see in How To and Online Documentation .