Working with date/time includes the following:

Binding date/time values

Let's say we want to update date/time field named FDATETIME from table named TEST with the value of October 6, 2000 19:00:00 .

First, let's create a sample command that requires a datetime binding:

SACommand cmd(
    _TSA("Update TEST set FDATETIME = :1"));

You need an instance of SADateTime class to do the bind. There are several ways to create it. First is to construct it explicitly:

SADateTime dtValue(
    2000 /*year*/, 10 /*October*/, 6 /*day of month*/,
    19 /*hours*/, 0 /*minutes*/, 0 /*seconds*/);

Alternatively, you can convert to SADateTime from an existing C struct tm:

extern struct tm some_tm_Value;
SADateTime dtValue = some_tm_Value;

Or you can also convert from an instance of Windows DATE data type:

extern DATE some_DATE_Value;
SADateTime dtValue = some_DATE_Value;

Finally, bind the date/time value and execute:

cmd << dtValue;

Reading date/time values

Let's say we want to retrieve date/time field named FDATETIME from table named TEST .

Let's create and execute a sample SQL command that returns data of datetime type (for more information see Execute SQL Command):

SACommand cmd(

Now we can fetch the data and access date/time column values using SADateTime, standard C struct tm or Windows DATE data type:

    SADateTime dtValue = cmd.Field(_TSA("FDATETIME"));
    // access through standard C struct tm
    struct tm tmValue = dtValue;
    struct tm tmValue2 = (struct tm)cmd.Field(_TSA("FDATETIME")).asDateTime();
    // access through Windows DATE data type
    DATE dateValue = dtValue;
    DATE dateValue2 = (DATE)cmd.Field(_TSA("FDATETIME")).asDateTime();
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