This section is useful when you want to learn more details about a particular SQLAPI++ API, compile/linking option or server-specific feature or limitation.

Compiling and Linking

The Compiling & Linking Apps section explains how to compile and link your applications with SQLAPI++, as well as your application's runtime dependencies.

The Building SQLAPI++ section explains how to rebuild the library from sources in your environment. This section is not applicable for trial version of SQLAPI++ which comes with all libraries prebuilt. For production use, however, we strongly recommend that you recompile from the sources included to achieve maximum compatibility with your environment.

API Documentation

Explore detailed API documentation and SQLAPI.h header reference.

Database servers specific information

The Server Specific Guides section explains features and limitations specific to each of the supported servers. For the most part programs written with SQLAPI++ are portable across all supported servers. However, each server has specific additional features that your program can take advantage of.

Sample Projects

SQLAPI++ distribution includes samples directory with batch files (sqltest_mvc.bat, sqltest_bcc.bat, sqltest_mingw.bat, sqltest_gcc, sqltest_ss) that can be used to build SQLAPI++ sample and test applications.

You can also download a ZIP archive with sample SQLAPI++ projects for different Microsoft Visual Studio versions:

There is also a simple project example for DevC++ (MinGW):

and CodeBlock: