Any Questions?


See FAQ section for questions that are most frequently asked by SQLAPI++ users.

Check out the Documentation for a complete API reference.

Technical Support

If some features are not available now but you want to see them in SQLAPI++ you can send an email to

If the previous options don't solve your problem, you can send us email (generally, allow us one business day to reply). - any questions on SQLAPI++ Library - suggestions/questions on using the Library, its features, code examples, patterns and so on - for bugs reporting. When writing to this email, please, provide as much information as possible, especially:

  • Detailed error description
  • OS version (NT, 95/98, Linux an so on) where your program is executed
  • SQLAPI++ version (see readme.txt in your installation root)
  • DBMS client version (Oracle OCI8 and so on)
  • DBMS server version (Oracle 8i, Adaptive Sybase Enterprise 11.5 etc.)
  • source code that produces an error
  • database file or data unload (export) file if applicable - questions on ordering (licensing) or upgrading

Important Announcements

sqlapi-announce mailing list is hosted by FreeLists

Major news and important changes in the project are announced there. This is a hidden list, which means that the members of the list are available only to the the list administrator.

To subscribe to the mailing list go to FreeList sqlapi-announce page.