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Charlie Miller CEO / Senior Product Developer
NextGenTek, Inc. (USA)

Since 1997 I have been heavily involved in SQL database development. The last three years almost exclusively as a Win32/SQL Server developer. Most of that development work was done in ODBC. While ODBC is a powerful tool for application work, it is tedious, highly error prone, and time consuming to use. During a brief programming assignment with JAVA, I became familiar with JDBC. I was unhappy that a similar kind of API set was not available to C++ programmers. Then by great fortune I discovered SQLAPI and realized that it was just what I had been looking for.


In June of 2001, my company began a project to develop a major voice mail / unified messaging product that would have an extensive SQL Server database component supporting both the Win32 GUI and many NT service programs.  SQLAPI was chosen as the development tool for the database interface. After nine months of programming using SQLAPI, I wonder how I ever got along without it. I would never consider going back to ODBC and with SQLAPI's multi platform support, I won't have to.

I have been purchasing software development tools for more than 25 years and I can say that the customer support from SQLAPI has been excellent with quick, informative responses to my questions. I have no reservations about strongly recommending SQLAPI to any developer involved in database application work no matter what the platform or the database product.

After using SQLAPI for 15 years, I still believe it to be the best database interface library available. As CTO, my company's telephony services platform grew significantly in both scope and complexity over that period. Just prior to my recent retirement, this platform was serving more than 125,000 users. It started day-one using SQLAPI for all of its SQL Server database access and it still does. It would not surprise me if that platform ran for another 10 years - the SQLAPI license was the most cost effective software investment I ever made. I simply cannot imagine writing a complex database app without using SQLAPI.

Jim Morris Software Engineer
Retail Technologies Corporation (USA)

I first discovered SQLAPI++ in early 2001 when searching for an easy way to add ODBC and SQL capabilities to the applications that Retail Technologies Corporation develops. At the time, I has been learning exactly how painful and tedious it is to write native ODBC code myself, and I knew that that had to be a better way of doing things.  An additional consideration at the time was future portability of our current Windows applications to Linux in the future. SQLAPI++ has served both of these needs very well.


SQLAPI++ provides a very well thought out C++ class library for database access, offering not just ODBC, but native access to just about all major databases.  Additionally, SQLAPI++ is available for both the Windows and Linux platforms - with source code included.  Using SQLAPI++, I have been able to take advantage of SQL (and ODBC) with much less programming effort than might have otherwise been required. This has helped reduce the time to market for the products that I am developing.  Furthermore, I have found the technical support and customer service to be second to none. Any time that I have run into issues or had questions, I have found the staff at SQLAPI++ to be very responsive, always willing to go that extra mile to help.

Malcolm Fisher Internet Development Consultant
Modcomp Limited (UK)

I have found SQLAPI++ to be a most useful development tool. It has quickly enabled our own product to support a variety of SQL Databases using a universal approach. Previously we had to use various different mechanisms to access databases. The library has proved itself on both Windows and UNIX platforms to be well written, easy to use and stable.

Thomas Borg Senior Software Developer and Architect
Mediamatic Systems AB (Sweden)

I have never found a better API to use to access the databases my customers use and me. The API is very simple to use and it doesn't matter if you're using MS SQL, Oracle or some other RDBMS. You will get up and running really fast. This one is great. I highly recommend this to anyone that needs to access an RDBMS.

Obermayr Johann Software development and network administrator
F&K Delvotec Bondtechnik GmbH&CoKG (Austria)

It's a great tool.

Ying Li Advanced System Engineer
Centell Kindom Technologies Corporation Shanghai Branch (China)

Now we use SQLAPI on 3 platforms: Windows, SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris.

SQLAPI is great! It decreases DB programming work from N*M (N platforms, M databases) to almost one. In our environment, we use Informix and Oracle on IRIX, SQL Server and Oracle on Win2000, Sybase on Solaris. Previously, I used ODBC++ on Windows platform, now I am migrating to SQLAPI++.

Jory Liebman Systems Programmer
AS/AP of Georgia, Inc. (USA)

Product is well-designed and easy to use. Support response is excellent. Documentation good, but would be improved by a more comprehensive set of sample code stuff. I WOULD recommend the product to others.

Jeff Kish Lead Software Engineer
MRO Software (USA)

The SQLAPI support system is as good as any I have ever encountered. Most questions have been resolved very quickly. The SQLAPI product is responsible for minimizing the support load on our development folks for our product that formerly used the Oracle Pro*c precompiler. This enabled us to have less worry about which Oracle client the customer is using, and allowed us to support Oracle and MS SQL Server successfully with a single code base. I highly recommend it for C++ development efforts.

Darryl Caillouet Programmer
City of Little Rock (USA)

We purchased a site license for three reasons:

  1. We have 4 different databases running on 2 different platforms and we wanted a consistent way of accessing  them using C++.
  2. While testing the demo version of the product, all of our questions (both technical and non-technical)  were promptly answered.
  3. Price. Lifetime support for unlimited developers for the cost of two licenses. Not a bad deal.
Michael Karami C++ Developer
Winteq (USA)

SQLAPI is a fantastic lightweight API that enabled me to easily connect to any SQL Server database within the intra-net and perform all of my database transactions including queries, updates, inserts, and executing stored procedures. The beauty of this software is that the source code is provided to developer in case of need. Lastly, the support for the product has been very efficient and has resolved my issues promptly. I would recommend this product to every C/C++ developer.

David Clarke Director - Technology
Custom Made Solutions Ltd (New Zealand)

After evaluation many SQL libraries available on the Internet, I found SQLAPI++ to be the easiest to install and most intuitive to understand.  Competitive pricing and source code availability were also important to us, and since implementation SQLAPI++ has proved to be fast and stable in our WAN Radiology Products.  Excellent support has also been provided by the SQLAPI++ team when needed.

Walter Wehrli IT-Specialist/Software developer
we@r GmbH (Switzerland)

SQLAPI++ does nothing which couldn't be done by yourself, but it's already done and it's done well. It simply saves you a lot of development and research time. It is also very reasonable priced and the delivery of the complete source code is an insurance against a "sudden disappearance" of the product.

Prof. Dr. Hans Dieter Beims Manager
Jacquemin & Beims Consulting (Germany)

My company develops client/server-applications with standard DBMS (for example: Oracle, InterBase and Informix), especially for the public administration. SQLAPI is for us the best library we found to serve as a layer between our data-access-classes and the DBMS-specific interface. Two other aspects should be emphasized:

  • it was very easy to switch from another library to SQLAPI;
  • the advancements the SQLAPI developer made to remove bugs and enhance the functionality.
Jerzy Tomasik Software Engineer
IDS Software Systems, USA (I used SQLAPI++ at my former employer, Texas Instruments)

Few years ago I developed a program for loading fairly complex data into Oracle. I used C++ and RogueWave's DBtools.h++ on Solaris. A couple of years later I had to modify the program, and found out I had to re-purchase DBtools.h++ because of lapsed maintenance fees. After looking around, I found out that SQLAPI++ was a lot less expensive, so I switched. But the best part was that the interface was much cleaner. Using RogueWave, I had to "bounce" the data between C++ and RogueWave's classes, before I could pass it on to SQL. SQLAPI++ eliminated all this burden.

Santiago Revellado CEO
MediaLabs (Spain)

With SQLAPI we really found an efficient and simple way to manage SQL databases trough C++ applications.

Technical support is fast, and very good.

Jean-Claude Morlier Engineering manager

Good product and good ability to react with Human Dimension.

Ken Lacasse Director of IT
Security Services of Connecticut (USA)

Easy to use, works well.

Fabrice Aeschbacher Developer
Siemens AG (Germany)

Very easy to use, very fast, and more reliable than any ODBC or ADO. Further, the technical support is very quick and good. We are very happy with SQLAPI.

Lee Alcorn Lead Middleware Developer
Link2Gov (USA)

I was under an extremely tight development schedule to deliver an application to call and retrieve results from Oracle packages. Without enough time to write my own handlers, I knew a third party library would be necessary. I researched a number of different libraries and SQLAPI++ had everything I needed at, what I realize now after using it, a phenomenal price. Integration into our project was simple, support was fantastic, and performance was unbeatable. SQLAPI++ delivered! Thank You!

Jan B. Ahlbeck Software Engineer
FKI Logistex, Dator-Crisplant A/S (Denmark)

SQLAPI++ is easy to use, well documented. GREAT support, if you have a question, which is seldom, you have an answer within minutes. The price is so low that it is almost free. We have used it with MSSQL and Oracle without any problems. GREAT PRODUCT !!!

David Bertrand Software Developer
Post Impressions Systems Inc. (a Snell & Wilcox company)(Canada)

SQLAPI has given us the performance usually only found when using databases native APIs without compromising portability. Customer service is first class and online documentation is extensive. I would definitely recommend it!

Ronald B. Knecht Director Databases and Interfaces
InterTransact S.A. (Luxembourg)

We find SQLAPI++ easy to use and well documented. Really worth its price.

Silvio Iaccarino Developer / PAISY CLIENT SERVER R&D
ADP Employer Services (Germany)

SQLAPI++ is straightforward and efficient - a recommendation for cross platform client server development.

Serguei Ovtchinnikov Programmer(X-Gen project)
CSK corporation (Germany)

Very useful product, support is also very fast.

Armin Tueting Owner, Project Manager and Developer, PMI certified (PMP)
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Armin Tueting (Germany)

I bought the SQLAPI++ a few days before. For now, It worked greatly in every WIN32 environment

Alexander HorakDevelopment Project Manager
combit GmbH (Germany)

We use SQLAPI++ to access MSSQL and PostgreSQL databases under WIN32 systems. SQLAPI has a good support and an unbeatable price. The world needs more products like this.

Peter Bittner IT-Consultant
gT-Consulting GmbH (Austria)

I found SQLAPI++ searching the web for a solution to connect to MySQL and, optionally, to other databases. SQLAPI++ is really easy to use, quickly to get started with and worked right away. I was astonished!

Polly Tang Senior Software Engineer
Motorola Inc.(USA)

SQLAPI++ is clean, easy to use and has well thought out class library for database access. We tested it out on our applications with Oracle and Sybase on Windows and Linux platform, and it runs really well. We are able to deploy our application to any of our customers without deployment license. Also, SQLAPI++ has knowledgeable technical support and the response time is excellent. I highly recommend this software. Great work!

Jesus Gonzalez Marti Senior Software Engineer

We were looking for an API to DB access with the following requirements:
- Native C++ language.
- Win32 and Linux support.
- Several DB support.
- Easy to use.
And we found it! We dediced to acquire SQLAPI++ after deep test with demo version. It's stable, fast and it's really easy to learn how to use it.