Global SQLAPI++ settings class. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static char *SQLAPI_CALLBACK setlocale (int category, const char *locale)
 The wrapper for LIBC setlocale function. More...
static int GetVersionMajor ()
 Returns the Library major version number.
static int GetVersionMinor ()
 Returns the Library minor version number.
static int GetVersionBuild ()
 Returns the Library build version number.
static const SACharClientToString (SAClient_t eSAClient)
 Returns a name of a specified DBMS client type.
static SAClient_t StringToClient (const SAChar *szClientName)
 Returns a DBMS client type of a specified client name.
static void SetTraceFunction (SATraceInfo_t traceInfo, SATraceFunction_t traceFunc, void *pData)
 Setups the Library tracing callback function.

Detailed Description

Global SQLAPI++ settings class.

We use class to avoid namespace using

Member Function Documentation

◆ setlocale()

char *SQLAPI_CALLBACK SAGlobals::setlocale ( int  category,
const char *  locale 

The wrapper for LIBC setlocale function.

Executes LIBC setlocale function with passed parameters.

Setting current locale for an application process can be important for LIBC using when LIBC function uses "C" locale by default. SQLAPI++ also uses LIBC functions and without locale setup SQLAPI++ routines will use "C" locale (for example SAString multi-byte to wide string conversion functions will use ASCII character set).