Provides support for manipulating NUMERIC values. More...

Public Member Functions

 SANumeric ()
 Default constructor, initializes to zero.
 SANumeric (double dVal)
 Initializes from double.
SANumericoperator= (double)
 Re-initializes from double.
 operator double () const
 Converts to double.
 SANumeric (sa_int64_t iVal)
 Initializes from 64-bit integer.
 SANumeric (sa_uint64_t iVal)
 Initializes from unsigned 64-bit integer.
SANumericoperator= (sa_int64_t)
 Re-initializes from 64-bit integer.
SANumericoperator= (sa_uint64_t)
 Re-initializes from unsigned 64-bit integer.
 operator sa_int64_t () const
 Converts to 64-bit integer.
 operator sa_uint64_t () const
 Converts to unsigned 64-bit integer.
SANumericoperator= (const SAChar *sVal)
 Re-initializes from string.
 operator SAString () const
 Converts to string.

Data Fields

unsigned char precision
 The maximum number of digits in base 10.
unsigned char scale
 The number of digits to the right of the decimal point.
unsigned char sign
 The sign: 1 for positive numbers, 0 for negative numbers.
unsigned char val [SA_NUMERIC_MANTISSA_SIZE]
 A number stored as SA_NUMERIC_MANTISSA_SIZE-byte scaled integer, with the least-significant byte on the left.

Detailed Description

Provides support for manipulating NUMERIC values.